Our Lion Great Energy Pte. Ltd is based in Thailand and Singapore. It is established in April 2023. In order to support the economic development of Thailand and Singapore to improve the employment opportunities ,our company plays one of the parts of the responsibilities to improve the country’s revenue.


Mr.Min Thu Ya, the CEO of Lion Great Energy Pte.Ltd, was born on November 3,1981. Graduated with the degree of Econonomics(BA. Eco) at 2003-2004. From 2012-2017, has served as a Chief Engineer Officer for 5 years and established Lion Great Energy Pte.Ltd in 2023. Mr. Min Thu Ya is an extraordinary leader, has propelled Lion Great Energy Pte.Ltd to new highlights.His expertise in the Energy Sector, unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, has established to him as a distinguished in the Energy Sector.His extraordinary leadership, strategic brilliance, and unwavering commitment have been raised of Lion Great Energy Pte.Ltd.His innovation and sustainability continues to inspire his team and drives the company towards a future marked by greatness and profound impact.


Current business expansion.

New business expansion.

Expansion of (20) fuel stations from (4) fuel stations within 1 year.

Expansion of (10) fuel tankers and barges from (2) fuel tankers and barges for marine transportation and communication.

Expand the import of high quality fuel from abroad more than (5,000) tons to (10,000) tons in order to sufficient the fuel usage in country.

Aim to provide employment opportunities.


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